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We provide volunteering opportunities, helping talented candidates across the India apply their skills in a challenging work environment.

Our Volunteer Program enables new experiences and interactions across cultures, while making an impact in the environment sector.

Over 100 volunteers from more than 25 cities have been a part of the Piplantri Volunteer Program, helping to grow high potential NGOs and enterprises in Rajasthan.


Normally we only take on volunteers who can commit to a minimum of 3 months, in order for the volunteer and the organisation to get the most out of the experience.

Your Role

As a volunteer, you are an integral part of our workforce, bringing expertise and experience to our work with other NGOs and social enterprises.

  • You apply to become a volunteer with your details and areas of interest.
  • Based on your skill set, interests and the needs of partner organisations, we identify exciting projects for you to work on.
  • Once you are assigned to an organisation, your first month of work includes learning and observation, as well as conceptualising your project with the Kiran Nidhi portfolio organisation.
  • Following this, you will help the partner organisation to execute the project, implement systems and processes, and contribute across key areas to enable the organisation to grow their impact.
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